How To Design Beautiful Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday Invitations

Published: 13th August 2010
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Is your child's birthday just around the corner? Why not surprise them with a Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday invitations? Ni Hao Kai Lan is a very popular TV show that is aired in Nickelodeon and is a favorite amongst little kids and preschoolers since it teaches them different words in both Chinese and English. The Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday invitations can be designed in different ways depending on the type of party you wish to have.

If you browse closely you may come across many articles, blogs or forums that tell you how to go about creating unique and beautiful nickelodeon birthday invitations. If you are a working parent, you can also purchase them online or from nearby stationery stores at reasonable prices. This also makes it easier for you not to forget to enter the essential party details for the benefit of the guests.

Your kid's Ni Hao Kia Lan party can be made even more special by creating unique rintoo birthday invitations. Rintoo is a tiger and is considered to be a very special friend of Kia Lan. You can easily cut out Rintoo from activity or coloring pages and add them onto a plain cardstock. The background for such invites can be painted in different colors to make them look even more attractive for the guests.

Kia Lan is Chinese and what better way to make the nickelodeon birthday invitations more extraordinary than by using Chinese words or symbols for the wordings. You might come across many translating software that can easily convert English phrases or names into the Chinese languages. You can add Chinese signs that symbolize joy, happiness, friendship etc and add them to the invites. Ensure that you mention the details of the party such as the time, venue and date.

Now no one likes simple birthday invitations. In order to make your Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday invitations more pretty you can add different accessories such as ribbons, lace, bows etc. If you have MS word package you can add different clip art, graphics or colorful borders to the invitations. The invitations can be personalized with a photo of your kid.

Existing photos can be taken to photo studios where the professional photographers can assist you in removing red eye, blurriness, adding more brightness and improve the quality of the existing photos with the help of software. You can even ask them to change the tones of the photo depending on your choice.

Now that your rintoo birthday invitations are ready, you might want to choose colorful or themed envelopes for them. You can make the envelopes more attractive by pasting stickers of Kia Lan and her friends on them and adding some sparkles and confetti inside the envelope. You can add different seals or other embellishments at the front of the envelope.

Bear in mind to send the Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday invitations at least 2 -3 weeks in advance. This will give you ample time to get the proper head count of the guests who might be able to attend the party. In addition to this, the guests can also be able to make the necessary travel arrangements so that they can attend your party.

Let your daughter experience the best party ever by giving away Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday Party Invitations. At you can choose from different kids birthday party invites theme that your kids will love.

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