Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations To Create Double Delight Among Kids

Published: 17th May 2011
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If you want to give a gift to your kid which will be the best gift of his or her life, you should plan and host an unforgettable birthday party. Theme birthdays are never forgotten easily, and if the theme has to do something with Mickey Mouse, then your child and his friends are going to love it.

There are many creative ideas to create Mickey Mouse birthday invitations. You can make these invitations at home using cardboard and colorful pens. You can make the cards in the shape of a Mickey Mouse. All you have to do is draw an outline of the Mickey Mouse on a cardboard and cut it. Then color the ears, face and stick the eyes. You can make your work simpler by downloading Mickey Mouse pictures both big and small. You can use the bigger ones for the card, and the smaller ones for the envelope and for the inside part of the card.

Busy moms with tight schedules can always go for readymade invitations that can be bought online or from stores near their places. Just select a design to suit your tastes and place orders. The details of the party can be easily entered into the predefined fields that are provided. If you are looking for cheap cards, you could download free printable templates, and have your Mickey Mouse birthday invitations printed at home. You will be saving quite considerably on the printing costs.

Software like Photoshop can be of great use to make your invitations according to your creativity without having to lighten your pockets too much. Additionally, free photo editing software applications help you in making the necessary alterations on your card, like replacing you kid's face for the Mickey's face. If your budget is not too tight, you can use the special personalizing features offered by websites.

Customizing the images is easier online than getting it done at the stores. Additionally, it works out to be cheaper and it gives you more options. The background, the color, the pattern and the wordings can be changed according to your tastes, making the card to reflect your tastes. You can also add photos to your invitation.

Customizing the photos and images is not a difficult job these days. You have to select a photo of your kid and upload it in the internet. The online shop will then design the card as per your order and will provide you a review sample. Once you click on OK, they will deliver the printed cards at your door without charging anything extra for shipment.

The online shops save money and time. They also provide discount offers and bargains. Some websites freely give Mickey party favors along with the cards. Some websites give extra cards free with your order. For example if you order 100 cards you will get 25 cards free, while some websites give thank you cards as a giveaway. That will save you the job of hunting for thank you cards separately.

Undoubtedly Mickey Mouse birthday invitations will make your birthday party popular among kids and parents alike, as the themed parties are obviously more interesting. Parents are usually thrilled to plan each and every step of the party, as they love seeing the kids and the guests enjoying the party. If there is something which you want to do that can make your child very happy, then you might surely want to consider Mickey Mouse themed party.

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