Your Daughter's Party Will Be So Girly With Princess Tiana Birthday Invitations

Published: 03rd February 2010
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Which little girl does not love being a princess? Disney world has a lot of princesses but the latest addition to their family is Princess Tiana. This princess gained such popularity amongst little girls that many of the kids want Princess Tiana Birthday Invitations as their birthday theme. You too can organize such parties for your girl by following the below instructions or guidelines.

Depending on the venue, this theme can be organized accordingly. Many people prefer to have such parties in their backyards rather than inside their homes. Your backyard can be decorated with lavender and blue balloons and posters of Princess Tiana and her frog prince. Moreover birthday invites have to be made and designed so that they look like royal invitations. You can make with the help of glitters and plastic jewels pasted on the invites.

We all know that kids' birthday party invitations are not complete without decorations. Decorations make the party livelier. This can be done with the help of hanging blue and lavender streamers along with banners welcoming the guests to your 'princess's' party. Girls can each be given a tiara to wear on the head. You can even have the theme of this cartoon played at the background.

Coming to the food items, you will need to have a Frog Cake or a Castle Cake. You can get these in any of the bakeries or confectionaries shop. For more food ideas, you can choose from the following: Jam sandwiches in the shape of hearts and shape, chicken legs that can be named as "Frog Legs", green Jell- O Frogs, nuggets and burgers, hot dogs and spinach dips with breadsticks. Moreover you can have paper napkins, plates and cups having Princess Tiana and the frog on them.

Kids' parties must definitely have games in them. There are a variety of games that can be played based on Princess Tiana Birthday Invitations. Some of the game ideas are as follows: Pinning the Frog on the Lily Pad, Tiana and Naveen's Lily Pad Leap, Leap Frog, Frog Hop Races and Princess Tiana Says.

Thinking of what to give as return gifts? The best things to give are party favor boxes. These are in great demand in the market and contain different and fun filled items like watches, activity books, crayons, pearl necklaces and tiara, stickers and many more. You might even purchase empty party favor boxes and fill them up with candies; chocolates and other items that you feel that might interest the kids.

A final touch can be added by adding a 'thank you' note expressing your gratitude for attending your princess's Magic Ball. This can be added by placing the kid's photograph inside the boxes clicked with their favorite Princess Tiana and the frog. This party will definitely be a hit and remembered for a long time. These themes are easy to plan and you can even take the help of other adults in organizing such parties or events.

The Princess Tiana Birthday Invitations themes can be organized in different ways depending on your budget or the age of your child. Kids who are small can have few guests since a lot of them can result in a lot of chaos and become difficult to manage. There are a lot of websites and blogs that teach you how to make such party themes a huge success amongst kids.

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